Defining the name of Idube Vehicle Recoveries

Defining the name of Idube Vehicle Recoveries

From time to time our employees are asked what the meaning of the company name is and why the name was chosen.  We had to choose a business name as strong as our uniqueness and what we are representing in the insurance salvage market.

After collaboration between management and employees, the name Idube Vehicle Recoveries was chosen.  The word Idube is the Zulu name for a Zebra which is unique to South Africa and the Africa continent. Zulu is one of the 11 official languages and is the most common language spoken as a first language by South African citizens.

Why is the Zebra so unique?

No Zebra is the same because every skin-stripe pattern is unique like a fingerprint or DNA of a person – none of them are the same.The black and white stripes work in a unique way alongside each other to confuse the tsetse fly from seeing the zebra and will normally fly over or into the zebra without biting them. Another unique survival tactic of the zebra is that they work together in groups which protects them from predators.

The uniqueness of the above is very significant to us as a business as it always reminds us that every:

  • client
  • employee
  • competitor
  • all investigations we are appointed on
  • SAPS member assisting us in releasing a vehicle
  • every vehicle VIN and engine number that we work with

is unique and we need to deal with them in the same respectful manner.

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Thank you for reading this article from the Idube Management Team.